Goldmann Engineering CC
Carton closer and sealer

LE200 Straight

The LE200 Straight Carton Sealer is designed to seal 2 or 3 flaps (hinging on the cover), to the sides of the formed and filled cartons. Virtually any 3-flap style carton can be sealed. The feeding and line direction are built according to customer requirements.

- Solid stainless steel construction

- Simple design means low maintenance & easy operation

- Automatic dropping of heaters when machine is stopped

- Closed-loop water cooling system saves costs & the environment!

- Significant improvements in hygienic design makes for easier and more effective cleaning

- Temperature measurement & recording

- Recipe saving of speed setups

Construction features

- Variable speed inverter drive

- Adjustable accelerator belts ensure square cartons

- All safety devices according to European standards

- Automatic infeed

- Driven overhead rollers for closing the long and side flap

- Safety covers of transparent perspex

- Electrical cabinet fitted with splash-proof ventilation

- Easy to maintain


- Variable to 70 cartons/min depending on carton size, board quality and product inside carton

Optional features / equipment

- Conversion kit for the ability to close BOTH 2- and 3- flap cartons

- Spring loaded upper runners for uneven cartons (e.g. IQF)

- Easy linked adjustments for width and heights

- Embossing units

- Carton delivery and take-away conveyors in various designs

- Safety barriers of stainless steel mesh instead of polycarbonate

Carton size range (L x W x H)

- Std min 100 x 80 x 25 mm

- Std max 320 x 320 x 80 mm

- Special sizes on request

Seal techniques

- Hot air or hot glue

Electrical requirements

- 380/400V, 3-phase, 50Hz

- 32Amp, 12 kW for hot air 16Amp, 3.5 kW for hot glue

- Control voltage 24V / DC


- Compressed air: 4-6 bar

- Air consumption: 0.5l / carton

- Hot Glue consumption: 27.5 l/min

- Time to change carton sizes: 10-15min depending on box size

- Machine dimensions: 3800 x 1092 x 1300mm

- Machine weight: +-900kg