Jobs / Vacancies at Goldmann Engineering

We are looking for candidates who would enjoy filling the following job vacancy:


This position is multi-faceted and challenging because you will join our bookeeper and:

  • Administer our debtors (incl quoting, invoicing, follow-up) & creditors (incl GRV processing)
  • Process manufacturing jobs cards
  • HR administration incl wages and leave processing
  • Cashbook & petty cash processing & bank recon
  • Assist the store with purchasing

You need to, as a minimum, have:

  • Matric or equivalent
  • Basic Maths and accounting skills: during the interview a simple test will be used to gauge these skills – below is an example of such a test.
  • General accounting/bookkeeping experience
  • Experience and knowledge of an accounting software package – if you understand how one package works you will already be able to use ours easily.

You also need to be able to

  • Create a letter in Microsoft Word and be able to correspond with suppliers & customers
  • Create a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of prices, and
  • Email letters and documents using Microsoft Outlook
  • Occasionally work overtime e.g. at month end, or during peak workloads

You must be a South African citizen & live in the Western Cape and be prepared to commute to Paarden Eiland using your own transport or public transport.

Practical test

If you are invited to an interview, you will need to perform a straightforward practical test where you will need to show that you understand simple bookkeeping tasks, that you can create a simple letter to a customer in Microsoft Word, then a short list of prices in Microsoft Excel, and then email the two files using Microsoft Outlook. We currently use Microsoft Office 2010, which for these just mentioned tasks, is similar to all other versions of Microsoft Office.

If you would like to improve your chances to being invited to an interview, please send us the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:

We receive an invoice from a supplier to the amount of R 230.00 incl Vat. What is the excluding Vat amount?


Question 2:

If we want to create an invoice in our accounting package that will be sent to one of our customers, which module will we use: Debtors or Creditors?


Question 3:

We purchase the following goods from a supplier. What is the total amount of the invoice (no need to calculate Vat):

Part A: Price 50.00, Quantity: 3

Part B: Price 23.00, Quantity: 8

Part C: Price 35.50, Quantity: 85

Send the above answers together with your CV to:



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